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Turkey has long been the chosen destination of many tourists from the Netherlands. Amsterdam holidays and Amsterdam city trips have made the locals crave for more travels outside the country. We, at Turkije Plaza, will give you a trip that you will never ever forget. Make your tour in the prominent cities of Turkey to last you a long time. We guarantee the safest, most convenient, and best trip for you.

We crafted customized travel deals based on your preferred destinations. We know that your time in Turkey is limited. This is why we want you to experience Turkey the way you want it to be. Check out the packages that we offer to you.

Historical Tour

Because of the richness of the culture and the history of the different cities in Turkey, we created a tour that consists of all the historical sites available here. If you get this package, you will see the archeological fields with a lot of background in history. These places include Göbekli Tepe, Perge, Hattusha, Alanya Castle, Olympos, and Phaselis.

Water Tour

If you love the water, then you should try and book yourself the Turkije Plaza Water Tour. In this package, you can pick two or more of the different bodies of water in Turkey. You can select Lake Golcuk, Bosphorus Strait, Azmak Nehri, and Karagol. Explore the saltwater and the freshwater habitat and feel the amazing experience of Turkish nature.

Custom Tour

We know how important your vacation is to you. We have talked to numerous clients of ours who always wanted to curate their own vacations. All of Turkey is beautiful and charming. But if you want to go to specific places, cities, towns, and sites, you can talk to us and we will design the perfect trip just for you.